How does one go from initial concept to a high-powered, polished, effective site? We claim to be able to take you from design to shine, but how do we do it? Here, in a nutshell, is the Taproot Model for building a top-quality site.

You Start with a Vision

You have a dream for your website. Perhaps you want it to highlight the qualities of your company, gather new customers, sell products on-line, impress a potential partner, provide customer support, provide news and chat for your association, allow your employees to review their status, coordinate your work across many regions . . . There are as many different ways to approach a website as there are people in the world. What matters is your dream. What do you want your website — internet, intranet, or extranet — to accomplish?

We Start by Listening

We don't come in and lay a template on top of your needs. We listen to what you want to accomplish, so that we become co-creators with you in the birth of your vision, your ideas, and your creativity. With our expertise in business processes as well as technical possibilities, we'll help you sharpen and clarify that vision, so that you have the best possible foundation on which to build your site.

Content Follows Vision

When the vision is set, then we map out the major and minor sections of the site according to that vision, down to each individual page, laying out the content you want to include for each page and section. This builds a strong site upon that solid foundation.

Form Follows Function

It's as true in website design as it is in engineering. Yes, we know all the slickest tricks for fancy web pages, but the best design for you will be the one that is faithful to your vision and content. Our acclaimed graphics team will be able to take the vision and content that has been created, and produce a site that is your site, accomplishing your vision, and doing the job effectively, cleanly, and professionally.

No Jigsaw Puzzle Here

Our combination of expertise in business process, graphic design, and advanced programming means that a Taproot website is solid from the ground up. Once the graphic design has been put together with your content and vision, we build the technical back end with the necessary components to make it run fast, reliably, safely, and well.

We Believe in Long-Term Relationships

Visions grow and change over time. Once we've produced the site you've always wanted, you may find that you want to make changes here and there as your vision changes. We'll be there; we support what we build.

If you have any questions or comments about our model, contact our staff today!