Relationships with our customers are as important to us as the work we perform. Customer loyalty is valuable to us. Each of our customers today has selected us as their vendor of choice for continued support following completion of initial projects. We know how critical a stable support relationship is to your business, and we will be there for you. We want to be a lasting part of your solutions plan.

The Alban Institute   This site was a finalist in a national website design competition involving over 30,000 association websites. The entire site is dynamic and database-driven, with live links to e-commerce purchasing and registration for books, seminars, and memberships. Taproot Technologies has built twelve websites for The Alban Institute, and continues its relationship into our tenth year together.

The Congregational Resource Guide   This site, built for The Alban Institute and The Indianapolis Center for Congregations, is a display front end for the largest collection of on-line resources for congregations available today. The centerpiece is a complex relational database, highly optimized, involving over 60 tables and 5,000 records. The site includes a custom-built search engine, which searches on synonyms as well as target words, to better enable visitors to find what they need. Aspects of this site include:

  • On-line data entry into a complex relational database.

  • Remote database management.

  • Design, construction, and deployment of a database merging main databases of two separate organizations.

  • Extreme optimization of the search and display engines, built to run efficiently on any-sized server.

  • Web surveys and data entry, with remote verification.

WorkAnyPlace Solutions  This site, designed and constructed by Taproot Technologies, showcased cutting-edge technologies, which later became known as webDAVs. Because this site requires interaction with Microsoft Office 2000 components, this site will only display properly with Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher. This site is a highly sophisticated web portal which interacts with the user's own desktop software. Users who are registered on this site see their own Outlook email, tasks, notes, and calendar, blended into a live, interactive web portal, which automatically scales to fit the client's own screen size. Contact us if you'd like to know more about it, or register free on the site.

Dewberry and Davis  Dewberry and Davis is among the top engineering, architecture and planning firms in the United States, and currently ranks 24th among the top 100 U.S. "pure" design firms (Engineering News-Record, April 2000). Working with LeapFrog Solutions, Taproot Technologies has built critical portions of several sites for the Dewberry and Davis companies. This includes database construction and on-line deployment, on-line listing of positions available, on-line data entry, and complex web reporting.

SpaceWorks, Inc.  SpaceWorks is one of todays leading Business-to-Business e-commerce companies. Supporting designs by LeapFrog Solutions and Supon Design, Taproot Technologies has constructed all or part of four sites for SpaceWorks. Some of our contributions to these sites include:

  • On-line forms-based data collection and email notifications in both Unix and NT environments.

  • Database-driven management of career positions available and current and recent press releases.

  • On-line registration for events, with automatic management of events schedule.

  • Database-driven script generation for the scrolling headers on the front page.

  • Scripting in Perl, JavaScript, and VBScript.

  • Database design, construction, and deployment.

Unfortunately, SpaceWorks closed their doors in May, 2001, another dot com victim of the internet economy. You can still view a full working model of their site, however, upon request.

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