Over the past several years, Taproot Technologies has consistently brought corporate needs and ideas together into web-directed solutions.  Founded in 1997 by Brian Groover, Taproot Technologies has become a primary provider of integrated, polished, database-driven web solutions for organizations in the Frederick, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. metropolitan areas.

We are committed to participation in the entire process of creating a web-based solution, from the technical aspects of database design and construction, to the crisp output of professional web design.  We not only carry these widely separated talents in our staff, we maintain the technical and organizational process management skills to integrate them closely in a delivered solution that brings both polish and power to your desktop.

Our customers include associations, large technology companies, and engineering organizations. We have begun the development of additional work in the medical and pharmaceutical industry as well.

Taproot performs much of its work as a primary or sole contractor, but our flexibility and corporate depth allows us to participate as a subcontractor or oversight consultant on large-scale work being completed by another primary contractor. For any size task, we will position ourselves to meet the needs of your organization.

Walk through some of the web sites with which our customers have been delighted, and envision how your organization can benefit from a Taproot solution.